Creative Excellence of Clare Clarkson

I am excited to share the recent updates we've made to Clare Clarkson's website, showcasing her incredible work as a production designer, set designer, and art director. With years of experience in the industry, Clare has worked on numerous high-profile commercials and films, bringing a unique blend of creativity and precision to every project.

Clare's ability to create visually stunning environments that enhance storytelling is truly remarkable. From designing sets to overseeing their construction, her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the production aligns with the director's vision. Some of her notable works include collaborations with renowned directors on projects like Women's Aid's "World's Strongest Women," Heathrow Christmas, and IONOS.

High-quality visuals are essential in highlighting such exceptional talent, and our recent updates aim to do just that. Visit Clare Clarkson’s updated website to explore her portfolio and learn more about her contributions to the world of production design.

Discover more about Clare Clarkson and her outstanding work at Clare Clarkson.

Absolutely brilliant, everything you could want and more, highly recommend
– Chris Leech
Absolutely wonderful Mark. So very pleased. Yes, perfect. Fab.
A real pleasure for me this was. Thank you for your generosity and skills. Can’t wait to get it out there.
– Oliver Cherer
Media25 Studio is our ‘go to’ studio for high-quality product shots. Great set up that is coupled with studio expertise, creativity, and the diligence to get the perfect shot.
– Diana J Holubowicz , Fuga Ltd



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